Back in October, we told you about a Mandan sailor who will have the honor of serving on the USS North Dakota. Now, the Navy is planning to unveil a new vessel, bearing the name USNS Bismarck.

In a vote on Tuesday (Feb. 10), the Bismarck City Commission ruled that it would support the high-speed ship, owned by the US Navy. It will work with the Bismarck-Mandan COC to fund events associated with the vessel.

The naming of the new state-of-the-art, civilian-manned ship comes at the request of Bob Wefald, who has also been heavily involved with the USSND.

The Bismarck will not be a warship, but will instead be used to move troops. Any guns on-board are meant only for the warding-off of pirates, but the vessel will be outfitted with helipads and a special vehicle off-load ramp for quick exits.

The ship will be operated by the Military Sea Lift Command, and should be ready for christening by fall of 2016.