The 64th anniversary of North Dakota's deadliest tornado is this Sunday.

KX News reported about the upcoming 64th anniversary of North Dakota's deadliest tornado. According to the story, "Five tornadoes impacted a stretch from Buffalo, North Dakota all the way to Dale, Minnesota. There was a nearly 70-mile path of intermittent damage between the two towns." And it got deadly when one of the tornados hit Fargo.

On June 20, 1957, it is reported that an F-5 tornado hit Fargo, damaging/ demolishing over 1,300 homes, injuring over 100 people, and killing between 10 and 13 others. Not only that, KX News states that wind blew anywhere from 260-300 miles per hour, flinging debris as far as 50 miles away!

I was living in Dickinson in 2009 when the "7-8-9" Tornado touched down.

I have never actually seen a tornado, but I have been near many throughout my lifetime in North Dakota. The worst storm I encountered was in Dickinson on July 8, 2009. It was my parents' anniversary, I dropped them off for their date, and my brother and I were having a chill summer night with the dogs and waited for our parents.

My brother and I were enjoying the gray, stormy weather, but then the wind picked up and things got intense. As the pine trees in our backyard were literally bending in half from the force of the wind, tornado sirens started blaring. Just about that time, my parents called for a ride, but they had no idea that the weather turned so drastically while they were at dinner.

I drove to pick up my parents and, by the time we got home, the rain was coming down sideways, in sheets.  We all stayed in the basement until the storm passed. After it was done, we tried to call our great uncle, but the phones were down. So, we decided we had to check on him. The town was black, there were entire evergreen trees uprooted and even some flooded streets.

We got to my great uncle's house and he was, thankfully, ok. We later found out there was a tornado that caused all the destruction. Southern Dickinson was hit directly while Northern Dickinson just dealt with the rain and wind. The damage where the tornado hit was so bad that the National Guard had to come in to help out residents while the area was recovered. Get the full story of the 2009 tornado here.

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