Taste of Country Music ran the headline this week "Will Sam Hunt Head Up The Week's Top Country Videos?" Why do we care? Because we love our Country Music and we love supporting our own. New music, "Came Here To Drink", has been released by country artist and songwriter, Keith Burns (formerly of Trick Pony), that could rock to the top of this week's Taste of Country Music Video charts. Here is WHY you need to vote!

North Dakota & Minnesota Ties

Why we here cheer on this artist for more than his latest great new music, is the love story that ties Keith Burns to the Peace Garden state. Burns is married to a Mandan, North Dakota native. Bonnie graduated from Mandan High School and went on to attend the University of Mary for her professional education before she then moved on to have a successful career at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. TODAY this amazing country couple lives in Nashville, Tennessee and together they own and manage B3E Music.


Meet Keith Burns, known across households as a founding member of the platinum-selling group Trick Pony. Burns' signature songs, "Pour Me" and "Just What I Do" are just a couple of the songs we all love to sing along whether behind the wheel or dancing. Over the course of his career, this Georgia Native is known also widely across the music industry for his writing. Burns has had three top-10 songs as well as several Top 40 songs for artists such as Hootie & The Blowfish, Mo Bandy, Sammy Kershaw and Burns & Poe, just to name a few.


The special part of this marriage is that Keith and Bonnie Burns remember where they come from. Back in June, Keith played a pop-up concert to help raise awareness and fundraiser for Addilynn's Bee-lievers at Stage Stop in Mandan. Last year in 2021, maybe you were lucky enough to be in Mandan when Keith Burns played another free show at Stage Stop in honor of his mother and father-in-law's wedding anniversary and step-daughter's birthday. Each year the couple makes a point to come back to the 701, are great people, and often try to play a few shows. Have you caught a show?


The new video "Came Here To Drink" by Keith Burns has just been released and is making waves. Let's help make it "Taste of Country's Top 10 Videos of The Week". Here's how to vote: Click HERE. Scroll down to the voting area, do the captcha thing (Click on the picture with grapes, to know that you are not a robot). Can vote once per hour. CREW - Let's give "CAME HERE TO DRINK" a push to the top.

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