One of the hottest TV series in the country right now is Yellowstone.  The show is getting ready for its highly anticipated fourth season.  That will debut on November 7th on Paramount Network.  The show stars the legendary Kevin Costner.  The series revolves around the Dutton family, owners of one of the largest ranches in the United States.  The senior ranch hand is Lloyd Pierce, who is played by Forrie J. Smith.

Forrie Smith is a real life cowboy, who plays one on TV.  Forrie stopped by the US 103-3 studios this week to chat about Yellowstone, and how it came to be for him.  Forrie was born and raised in Helena, Montana.  He started competing in rodeos at the tender age of only 8.  He eventually, got a rodeo scholarship to Montana State University.  He went on to live his dream of competing in rodeos for 52 years.  As far as acting, Forrie says he owes it all to his rodeo roots.  Forrie became one of Hollywood's best stuntmen, with his work on movies like Rambo 3, Desperado, Tombstone and more.

Now, you can meet the Forrie Smith yourself this Friday, September 17th at Williquors from noon to 2 pm.  US 103-3 will be on hand too, broadcasting live from the event.  You can try out Forrie's very own whiskey "Oak & Eden".  Forrie told me he likes a little bourbon in his coffee.  Williquors is located at 3025 Yorktown Drive.  If you can't make it to Williquors, Forrie Smith will be the special guest of Chad Berger's Bucking Battle in Bismarck this Friday night at Bismarck Event Center.  Forrie is expected to make an appearance around 5:30 pm.  He'll also be at the after event party on the dirt.

Don't miss your chance to meet this real life cowboy, who get's to play one on TV.


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