In early February, we talked about the Demon Closet at Bismarck High School. It is awesome program that provides everything from store gift cards to feminine hygiene products to students. Now, students at Watford City High School are doing something similar to help kids in need.

According to KFYR-TV, students at Watford City High School decided that their school should have a pantry to provide for students in need. The school's Entrepreneurship class designed the pantry to be an anonymous experience, so students can feel comfortable reaching out for help. So, how does Watford City High School's pantry work?

KFYR-TV reports that a student would fill out a Google form to request items. Then, a school counselor will receive the form. Students fulfill the requests, but the person in need remains anonymous. At this point, six families have received 52 pounds of food. Get more details about this great new program at Watford City High School here.

The fact that some North Dakota schools have students who are advocating for those who need is inspiring. My school had nothing like that - in fact, I seem to remember a dispenser in the girl's bathroom for girls to purchase hygiene products. And kids whose parents who paid the lunch bill late (or struggled to pay at all) would be threatened to have their meals cut off until mom and dad could "pay up."

I am sure there are many students in our state who would greatly benefit from programs like this. I hope that these free school pantries for students become popular in North Dakota.

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