The man accusing Justin Bieber of starting a nightclub fight with him has a bunch of contradictory stories -- and now one of those stories is that the fight was over girls. Selena Gomez, are you paying attention?

Bieber's accuser, Wayne Rennalls, held a press conference where he said that Biebs was jealous of him. Wait, what? Bieber? As in, Justin Bieber? As in, the multimillionaire who can get any girl he wants? Really bro?

Rennalls said that Bieber and his camp were flashing flashlights on girls to try to get them to go to his section of the VIP area, but that none of them took the bait. Rennalls explained to the New York Daily News, "Honestly, it was like jealousy in the club. I got a group of females, like seven on this [left] side and three on this side [right] and one standing behind me. The girls I was with, none of them ran to him."

Right. In any case, two of the nightclub waitresses were reportedly in Rennalls' group, which just makes him sound thirsty -- do they still count since they were paid to be there? One of the girls asked Rennalls to borrow his bow tie, then the waitresses scurried off to Bieber's area.

Um, okay. That's when all heck broke loose.

"Justin Bieber [was] still running his mouth and I took my shirt off to fight," Rennalls revealed. "That's when they all hopped out of the truck and bum-rushed me. They said, 'That's your f---ing a--,' and the first one came to me, and I put my hands up to fight, to protect myself."

As for what Bieber actually did? Rennalls claimed, "He [Bieber] got around and kicked me."

We're taking all of this with a giant grain of salt, because, well, we find it hard to believe that Bieber would be jealous of anyone (save maybe David Henrie), and because other sources say that Rennalls actually instigated the entire thing by throwing a rock at Bieber's car.

Initial reports said that Rennalls was aggressive toward Bieber and his entourage, and a source confirms, "There was no physical altercation and Justin seems to be the real victim of a jealous, drunk partygoer."

Update: Video footage has been released of the brawl. You can check it out below.