When self-checkouts and drive-up grocery shopping first came about, I'll admit that I was skeptical. Especially with self-checkouts. Remember when we first got self-checkouts? It was painful to do it yourself. There are countless times I had to wait for assistance because something didn't scan correctly or there was an "unfamiliar item in the bagging area." Fast forward to today, and I almost exclusively use the self-checkout if I happen to be shopping in-store.

KFYR-TV is reporting that new cashier-less checkouts are being tested in Fayetteville, Arkansas Walmart. The idea behind going exclusively to self-checkouts is to make the checkout process easier for everyone. The story says that, instead of having a single cashier per register, multiple cashiers would oversee multiple checkout counters. That way, customers could be overseen and assisted only when they need assistance. KFYR-TV says that Walmart's goal in this new way of checking out is to eliminate shopping lines. Get the full story here.

I know people have their grumblings about self-service at stores. But I absolutely love the new-age ways of shopping. I know that North Dakota cities doesn't have the "hustle and bustle" of major cities, but we do still have busy lives here. Things like online ordering, drive-up shopping, and self-checkouts truly can make shopping less stressful and daunting for everyone involved. If lines can actually be nearly eliminated by a new checkout strategy, I don't see how someone could oppose it.

How do you feel about the future of shopping and self-checkouts?


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