I've lived most of my adult life in apartments in North Dakota (other than two years in Colorado). I've had apartments in Grand Forks, Fargo, and Bismarck. All of my North Dakota apartments have one thing in common - NO CENTRAL AIR. Why is this a thing in North Dakota? I mean, just because North Dakota is a frigid ice box most of the year, doesn't mean it never gets hot here.

know that you can find apartments that have central air, but that's slim pickins and rarely at a price point I'm comfortable with. My parents' apartment in Grand Forks has central air (it's literally the only apartment building I've seen with it). The company they rent from even has a huge advertisement across their garages stating "We have central air! Come rent from us today!" To me, that's like a hotel saying they have HBO or internet access - we live in 2020, these things aren't exactly luxury items.

When I moved to Colorado in 2015, we looked at maybe 15 different apartment complexes and exactly ONE of those places didn't have central air. I don't think I've ever toured a North Dakota apartment that has it (with the exception of my parents' place). I love summer, but I'm going to die of heat stroke in my top floor, no central air apartment. It hasn't even been that hot yet and everyone in my place is melting. Seriously, it's upwards of 80 degrees in the living room lately and that's the room that HAS the air conditioner.

I'm not saying I already look forward to colder weather, but I definitely look forward to the day I live in a place with central air.


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