Many were filled with sadness when they heard the Bisman Community Food Co-op would be closing.

After approximately six years in business, staff shortages and low sales ultimately led to the closing of the store. -- Something many local businesses faced as a result of the pandemic.

In the few times I went to the co-op, I couldn't help but notice that everyone there knew each other. Co-op's aren't just grocery store; they have a finger on the pulse of the community. People come there for food, sure, but also for connection, and to help support all things local.

What The Future Holds

While it's sad the co-op didn't make it, new things could be on the horizon. The building has been sitting empty for quite some time, raising the question, "What's next?"

I reached out to the realty group who are looking for someone to lease the property. I wanted to check in and see if there was any movement and/or interest in it.

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. As of right now, I'm to understand that there are no serious buyers/leasers.

What Should It Be?

Maybe now is a good time to start brainstorming; what should go into the building? What do you think would be an appropriate business for the space?

What do you think Bismarck needs in that downtown area? What is needed or would help people living in that area?

Should it be converted into a restaurant? Another grocery store? How about a business office? What would you like to see go in there?

Why let it go to waste?


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