Does anyone know why Hot Topic in Bismarck is closed until further notice?

This past Saturday, I was shopping for Halloween stuff at the Kirkwood Mall. While I was walking through the mall, I glanced to my right and noticed that Hot Topic was closed! I was so surprised because it is such a good store to look for fun and unique Halloween gear. And I also like their band t-shirts (side note: I always loved to go there to buy pins for my bags when I was in high school).

So, why did Hot Topic close? That is information I can't seem to find. I Googled "Hot Topic Bismarck," and only found an alert on their Google page that the store is temporarily closed. And the note on the store's entrance said they were closed until further notice. Other than that, I have no information about why the store closed.


There is not even information about the closure on Hot Topic's Facebook page. In fact, the store had posted on Facebook about new Funko Pop characters that they released last Wednesday. So, the closure does have to be very recent. And it has been open every time I have gone to the mall in the past few weeks.

I mean, I guess this closure could be because of a COVID-19 scare, but there's not so much as a note at the store to let the public know what is going on. Do you know why Hot Topic in Bismarck is closed?

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