I'll be the first to admit it. I am not an organized person. However, in my two months at the South Bismarck Anytime Fitness, I've learned organization and goal setting is key.

My life is pretty chaotic. From my work schedule to my personal life, it's always something different. One thing that has stayed consistent over the last two months has been my workout schedule at Anytime Fitness.

I have gotten to know the staff at the South Bismarck Anytime Fitness so well. The trainers I have worked with including Casey, Thomas and James have all helped me pinpoint some goals. When I started two months ago I came up with some preliminary goals and have added some along the way. Some of my goals include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Do a Pull-Up (Seriously, I've never done one)
  • Tone Legs
  • Improve Overall Strength

Whether your goal is small like doing a pull-up (for real, I will get one) or larger like weight loss, writing them down and having others know about them is so helpful. Along with your goals, you should have a schedule. I've found the calendars provided by Anytime Fitness super helpful.

My fitness schedule includes three days of I-lipo treatments and training and two days of cardio. Some people like to plan out their month ahead of time, I like to fill it out as I go. This way, if I miss a day, I know I need to make it up later in the week. As you can see in my calendar below, I have some cardio to do on Saturday!

Knowing I have roughly an hour and a half a day scheduled to workout helps keep the rest of my day organized. I know I need to get everything done so I have time to go to the gym.

One of my biggest pieces of advice would be to talk to someone. My trainers have been great but I have also loved talking with Kat from the South Bismarck Anytime Fitness. She does I-lipo (which is AMAZING) and always makes sure to check in with me to see how I'm doing.

Set some goals, make a plan and get a support system. You got this!

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