If you've paid attention to any North Dakota Coronavirus information lately, you probably realized that Cass County is running rampant with positive cases. As of right now, they have more than double the positive cases than anywhere else in the state. Check out our Coronavirus tracker to see more about COVID-19 in our state.

Cass County, which includes the thriving metropolis of Fargo, currently has 472 positive cases (as of April 29, 2020). According to The New York Times, Fargo is on its way to becoming a hot spot for a Coronavirus outbreak. According to the Times' post, Fargo has a daily growth rate at 13% and the number of positive cases doubles every 5.6 days.

North Dakota is opening back up this weekend, but can we be certain that we are almost "out of the woods" yet? While we're antsy to get back to our regular lives (as much as possible), we need to remember to be cautious and safe. Don't forget your face mask and to practice social distancing.


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