WIN $3,000 in products and service from Tires Plus with the "Tires Plus Tricked-Out Photo of the Day!"

Tires Plus has a brand new location in North Bismarck, and Hot 97-5 is here to celebrate by hooking you up all summer long.

Here's Friday's (7/31) "Tricked Out Photo of the Day"! (BELOW):


Clark the Lark

Make sure you have your Hot 97-5 app downloaded, because you'll need to check back daily. All summer long, Hot 97-5 is giving away FREE oil changes from Tires Plus in Bismarck. How do you win? It's easy. Every day, at 9:00 AM, go to your Hot 97-5 app to look for the "Tires Plus Tricked-Out Photo of the Day." Once you find and identify the photo, you'll need to listen at 4:20 PM hour for your cue-to-call and your chance to win with Kori B.! Caller 9 will need to correctly identify the photo to WIN an oil change from Tires Plus! By winning that oil change, you will also be qualified to win the $3,000 grand prize from Tires Plus!

WHAT: Trick My Ride with Hot 97-5

WHEN: June 22, 2020 - July 31, 2020

HOW TO WIN: Download the Hot 97-5 app, check back daily at 9:00 AM for the "Tires Plus Tricked-Out Photo of the Day," and listen for your chance to call-in and win at 4:20 PM with Kori B.!

DAILY PRIZE: FREE Oil Change from Tires Plus

GRAND PRIZE: $3,000 worth of product and/or service from Tires Plus

All summer long, you have the chance to WIN an oil change every weekday. So, make sure to check back to your Hot 97-5 app every single day to get the latest "Tires Plus Tricked-Out Photo of the Day." Oh, and believe it or not, an oil change is not even the best thing you can win from Tires Plus. There's a GRAND PRIZE involved in this summer winning fun!

Once you WIN an oil change, you'll be qualified for a chance to WIN $3,000 worth of services and/or products from Tires Plus. On August 1st, 2020, join Hot 97-5 at Tires Plus in North Bismarck for your chance to WIN the GRAND PRIZE!

The chance to win a FREE oil change and get qualified for your chance to "Trick My Ride" with Tires Plus is going on all summer long! Make sure you get the FREE Hot 97-5 app to find your daily "Tires Plus Tricked-Out Photo of the Day." Download the app for iPhone HERE and Android HERE.

Drive safe this summer with your precious cargo and Hot 97-5!

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