Tires Plus has a brand new location in North Bismarck, and Hot 97-5 is here to celebrate by hooking you up all summer long. Keep reading for the details.

Make sure you have your Hot 97-5 app downloaded and ready for when the winning begins. Starting Monday (June 22), Hot 97-5 is giving away FREE oil changes from Tires Plus in Bismarck. How do you win? It's easy. Every day, go to your Hot 97-5 app for your clue. The clue will be an image of something that you will need to identify. Think you know what the image is? Listen to Hot 97-5 (on your app!) for your cue-to-call and your chance to WIN that free oil change from Tires Plus!

WHAT: Trick My Ride with Hot 97-5

WHEN: June 22, 2020 - July 31, 2020

HOW TO WIN: Download the Hot 97-5 app, find daily picture clues, and listen for your chance to call-in and win!

DAILY PRIZE: FREE Oil Change from Tires Plus

GRAND PRIZE: $3,000 worth of product and/or service from Tires Plus

Beginning Monday, you will have the chance to WIN an oil change every weekday, all summer long. So, make sure to check back to your Hot 97-5 app every single weekday to get the latest clue. Oh, and believe it or not, an oil change is not even the best thing you can win from Tires Plus. There's a GRAND PRIZE involved in this summer winning fun!

Once you WIN an oil change, you'll be qualified for a chance to WIN $3,000 worth of services and/or products from Tires Plus. On August 8th, 2020, join Hot 97-5 at Tires Plus in North Bismarck for your chance to WIN the GRAND PRIZE!

The chance to win a FREE oil change and get qualified for your chance to "Trick My Ride" with Tires Plus starts Monday, June 22nd! Make sure you get the FREE Hot 97-5 app to find your daily picture clues. Download the app for iPhone HERE and Android HERE.

Drive safe this summer with your precious cargo and Hot 97-5!

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