First, I'd like to apologize to my mom. Mother of mine, if you find yourself reading this article, just remember, you raised me, so what's happening here is entirely your fault. Jk. Chat later?

>> More and more people are campaigning for an open dialogue; many believe people should be able to discuss these sort of things, and better educate themselves.

It's Science, Okay?!

That said, I'm sure most of us would love it if the things we Google search never be revealed to the masses.

Unfortunately, there are companies who use and analyze Google data for scientific research, marketing campaigns, and for other various reasons. With that, they put us on blast.

I realize I am now contributing to that vicious cycle. You are also not innocent as you sit here reading said article. #SorryNotSorry


Making Love

You might be surprised at what information researchers are interested in. There's a company called Delicto, that looked at Google trends for 17 different... ehrm.. "intimate" positions. They did this to find which ones are the most popular in each state.

I mean... we all do it; the question is, "how do we do it?" --Yes I'm feeling creepier by the letter, but we must persist!

A 'Smash' Hit

The most popular position in the United States is what has been coined as "Missionary." While some think this is boring, it is often argued as the most intimate of them all. They say it's the eye contact. I say it's a lot less work and life is tiring enough.


There's one position that causes a lot of injuries, so beware. This is where one person is in the 'Superior' position. According to the source, a lot of fractures come from this.

North Dakota

While I'd like to tell you that North Dakotans are adventurous, it seems we are big fans of a classic. Along with most-all states in the US, North Dakota's most searched position is 'Missionary."



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