Since the Coronavirus situation "got real" in the great state of North Dakota, we've had to swiftly shift to a new way of living. I mean, just the other day, stores and restaurants were open, and shelves were stocked with endless amounts of toilet paper. Now, there are item purchase limits at the grocery store and all the fun things to do are now shut down. Luckily, restaurants have found a way to keep going during the pandemic.

Yesterday, after 48 hours of being (mostly) house-bound, Aidan and I decided to try one of the many new "car side to-go" services. We decided on Texas Roadhouse. We called, and pulled up 15 minutes later to a "new" Roadhouse.

When we pulled up to the Texas Roadhouse parking lot, we were greeted by a smiling girl with a sign, and the girl directed us to a designated "mobile order" spot. Then, a server came to our window to take our money. Finally, a person delivered our meal. The car side service was definitely a "different" experience, but the service was top-notch.

There are many other restaurants offering "curb side to-go" services during this time. You can help support these places by ordering food to be pick-up or delivered to your door. You can check out Coronavirus-related information about restaurants, schools, stores and more, here.



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