WINNING BEGINS THIS THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2020! In two days, it will be 2020 - a new year for new beginnings.  The new year is the best time for you to improve your overall well-being. HOT 97.5 wants you to live your best life in 2020, so we're starting it off with a "Happy New You." In the first week of January, you can win a $300 gift certificate to YOUvitalize. If you haven't yet visited YOUvitalize, you're in for a wonderful surprise. I have never seen a wellness center like this one.


After doing a little research on YOUvitalize, I had to actually check it out for myself. Let me tell you, the atmosphere is inviting, beautiful, and relaxing. Right when you walk in, there is a smoothie bar. You can get smoothies as well as prepackaged snacks and homemade goodies - all made with healthy ingredients. But the smoothie bar is only the beginning.

I got a tour of the entire facility and was amazed at what the owner, Shar Dukart, had to show me. Upstairs, there is an aqua massage bed - get a warm and relaxing massage with water; an infrared sauna - a sauna that uses chromotherapy (colored light therapy), which offers a plethora of benefits including relief of Seasonal Affective Disorder and pain relief; and a massage room. Also on that floor, there is a hair and nail salon and an event room.

I was already wowed, and there was still more of YOUvitalize for me to see. On the main level, there is a fitness studio where classes such as Yoga, Bungee Fitness, Martial Arts, Hip-Hop dance, and more are offered. There is also a meditation room with a massage chair for you to sit in peace.

Finally, at the back of the main floor, there is an endless pool and a saltwater hot tub. The endless pool offers swimming and rowing, and it even has an underwater treadmill. The saltwater hot tub is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

With the New Year on its way, there is a new wellness plan being offered - it's called "90 Days to Fine Tune Your Health." With this, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Libby Bakken will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. The best part about Libby helping you to "fine-tune" your health, is this will work with your busy life schedule.

At YOUvitalize, they want to build a s850ense of community. Everyone is invited to take part in the classes, activities, and more offered at YOUvitalize. Whether you want to put on a work event, or bring the family, or even have a day with your friends, you'll have a unique and fun experience here.

I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how much YOUvitalize can offer to your health and well-being. So, you'll want to check it out for yourself. You can do a little online search at, and you can call YOUvitalize at 701-415-0350 for more information on classes, services, and pricing.

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