If you've been to McDonald's on Burnt Boat Drive in Bismarck in the past month, you'll have noticed that the main part of the restaurant is closed. Since the end of January, there has been a bit of a construction project going on at this location. Moms, dads, and kids, get ready for a new McDonald's indoor PlayPlace.

McDonald's (and it's old PlayPlace) on Burnt Boat Drive has been around since January of 1997, and it was time for a PlayPlace face lift. Dennis Stotebeer, the operator for McDonald's in Bismarck-Mandan says the play center will take about a total of two weeks to disassemble the old structure and to assemble the new one. That project is already about a week in, and we can expect to be able to enjoy the new PlayPlace by Friday, March 6th.

Even though the main store isn't currently open, you can still hit up McDonald's drive-thru until it does reopen.

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