Tons of new businesses have been popping up all over Bismarck-Mandan, and it's great to see. Something else you may have missed is that some of our oldest businesses in the area are making changes and moving around too.

A Temporary Move

According to a post I saw on the Kirkwood Mall's Facebook page, Riddle's Jewelry is under construction. The business is making some upgrades and is getting a new look. The post explained that until the work is done, the store will be moving to a new, temporary location.

Not Too Far

It won't be too incredibly far from its previous location; it will still be inside of the Kirkwood Mall, just in the center court, next to the PacSun store.

I don't know about you, but I'm curious as to what the store will look like when it's finished.

That's Not All

That's not the only thing I noticed is changing at the mall. I also stumbled across a post where the mall announced ANOTHER new business is planning to set up shop.

Any guesses as to what it may be? I would personally like to see a Pier One Imports revival or a Pottery Barn. We definitely NEED a Pottery Barn in Bismarck-Mandan... I feel like I may need to start a petition.

Anyway, more and more changes are happening in the Kirkwood Mall and the businesses inside, and all over town all over town, really. I, for one, am happy to see it, though my bank account has looked better.... *Cringe*

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