At the start of the holiday season, I believe I said that I think I'm a pretty good gift-giver. However, it looks like I've failed this year. It's a lame excuse, but with moving from Grand Forks to Bismarck, finding a new apartment while trying to get out of my current lease, and getting used to my new job, I haven't thought too much about gift shopping. Which is shocking, because I'm obsessed with both shopping and Christmas. I guess I also semi-subconsciously decided that the only people getting gifts this year would be the pets and my sweet baby niece.

Now, we're seven days out from Christmas Day, and I spent most of the last night frantically searching Amazon for stellar gifts. I found a few cool things, but I have to say that men are nearly impossible to buy for. I don't know where we got the idea that women are difficult to shop for. I swear, my fiance only likes football and beer, and how many jerseys and IPAs can you give a person over the years?

I am now officially stressing out about the holidays. As it turns out, so is most everyone else.There was a survey taken about "Top Holiday Stressors." Here's what people say about the holidays:

  1. 29% of people are stressed out by decorating their house for the holidays
  2. 35% of people are stressed by family events
  3. 88% of people say the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year
  4. 77% of people find it hard to relax during the holiday season
  5. 59% of people say the holiday season is chaotic

Well, at least the stress of the holidays is almost over.

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