Maybe A Divorce IS A Good Idea!  A Sleep Divorce!

Raise your hand if you remember going over to grandma and grandpa's house when you were little and wondering why there were two beds in their bedroom.  Maybe grandma and grandpa had it figured out...the secret to a good marriage might just be a good night sleep.

Whether you snore, are a restless sleeper or have different work schedules, disturbing your partner's sleep can have detrimental effects on your relationship.  If my wife doesn't get her 10 hours (OK, it just seems like that) of quality, restful sleep each night, she can be a bear.

We're lucky that we are both early risers, but If I know that I have to get up exceptionally early (to go hunting, fishing or for work) I'll kindly sleep in another bedroom and use a different bathroom so I won't disturb her sleep.  In our case, we differ on our opinions of room temperature (I like it cold when I sleep) and dogs in the bed(or kids).  I've tried, but she consistently lets the dogs on the bed (and then complains when they hog the bed and she can't sleep).  We have a King size bed and the dogs take up the whole thing.  That brings us to our SURVEY OF THEY DAY:

"Sleep Divorce" Survey

A new survey by Sleep Standards reveals that 35% of couples would rather sleep in separate beds. Other findings:

- 59% of people believe a "sleep divorce" would improve their relationship and sleep quality

- 75% of people believe sharing their bed results in poorer sleep quality

- 25% of people say getting good sleep has become more difficult since the Covid 19 began

- 53% of people are kept awake by their partner's snoring

- 41% of people are kept awake by their partner's different sleep schedule

- 36% of people are kept awake by their partner's constant tossing and turning

- 48% of people have considered buying a bigger bed to combat their sleep problems

- 49% of people fight with their partner after a sleepless night

- 10% of people have considered breaking up or divorcing after a sleepless night

- 3% of people have ended a marriage or relationship due to sleep problems

If you are having difficulties in your relationship, maybe a "Sleep Divorce" could help.

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