If you love Dot's Pretzels and you love cheese, you are going to be ecstatic about the newest creation announcement coming from the Dot's Pretzel Kitchen. Dot herself recently made a big video announcement via Facebook - they will be dropping ORIGINAL SEASON CHEESE CURLS! I sure hope these things are available by Christmas!

If you do not yet know about the savory delicious snacks that are Dot's Pretzels, you should definitely pick up a bag the next time you are at a gas station. Then, once you have had the original pretzels, then you can branch out to try their chocolate and pretzel candy bars and their pretzel crumble that can be used for cooking. Oh, and you MUST try Dot's Pretzels with your favorite chip dip. That is my favorite way to eat them - life changing.

Dot's Pretzels may be a North Dakota business, but you can go many places throughout the United States and find their pretzels - there are even Dot's Pretzels bakeries in Kansas and Arizona. Their goal is to make the pretzels available everywhere for everyone to enjoy.

Now, the only information on these new Dot's Pretzels Cheese Curls is that they have an original seasoning and that they will be available to the public "soon." I sure hope that means they will be in stores by Christmas. You can bet I will get my hands on those cheesy snacks.

Next time you are on a road trip, do not forget to pack the Dot's Pretzels!

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