To the artsy people of the world, the North Dakota Council on Arts would like you to create some christmas ornaments for this year's North Dakota State Christmas tree.

The tree goes on display in Memorial Hall of the capitol building every year and they are looking for hand-made ornaments to be used for this year's tree.

Ornaments that are commercially made or made from kits are not permitted.

The North Dakota Council on Arts (NDCA) says this would be a great project for elementary school classes, 4-H groups, senior centers, scout troops etc. Individuals can create ornaments as well.

The preferred motif of this year's ornaments is snowmen however they will allow ornaments with any design can be submitted.

Submitted ornaments should include the person's name, a brief one or two line description of the ornament, and the circumstances in which it was created such as in a school or senior center.

Ornaments must be submitted by Nov. 10 to the NDCA located at 1600 E. Century Ave, Suite 6 in Bismarck. The zip code if you choose to mail the ornament is 58503.

Ornaments will become property of the NDCA. You will not get the ornament back and it may be used not only on the tree this year but in ensuing years as well.

[North Dakota Council on Arts]