There's literally an app for EVERYTHING these days - even the best fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurant apps are totally worth it, too. Download one and you can see the deals and steals from ordering on the app versus ordering in-person. If you don't yet have the McDonald's app, you'll want to get it, like, yesterday.

If you're new to the McDonald's app, you can order a medium fry (through the app) for FREE, no purchase necessary. But that isn't even the best part of the McDonald's app. According to Newsweek, participating McDonald's locations are giving out free fries with any one dollar purchase every Friday through June 28. It's what the people of Mickey D's are calling "Free Fries on Fry Day." Just make sure you use that app for your free fries.

Now, we already know that McDonald's is inexpensive and the fries are delish. But if you have the app, the deals are even better than when you order in person. My fiance has it and gets good deals all the time. Just take a peek below and check out all the specials that were available on the McDonald's app yesterday:

McDonald's isn't the only great fast food app. You can also get good deals through Wendy's, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Jimmy John's and more. I am all about being thrifty and there's nothing like being thrifty on food that's already a good deal. Do you have a favorite fast food app?


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