Happy Nurses Day!  Bismarck/Mandan Healthcare Shines and much of that is due to the incredible job that nurses do.  Whether you realize it or not, Bismarck has long been a regional medical hub for Central and Western North Dakota.  What you may not know is that the world of medical providership can be cut throat, as entities battle one another for market share and your business.

With everything that is going on right now, it's amazing to me how all of the competition between providers takes a pause.  Our two largest competing Healthcare system providers, Sanford and St. A's, who are typically locked in battle, have put corporate agendas aside for the sake of their communities and patients.  They've both stepped up to not only cooperate with one another, but to mutually raise the bar for community preparedness and service during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Through all of the added layers of safety and protocols, they've also teamed up to take an opportunity to honor their/our nurses on National Nurse's Day and we all need to do the same.

I apologize if I miss anyone, but we are incredibly fortunate to have the exemplary services of St. A's, Sanford, Mid Dakota Clinic, the Bone and Joint Center, the Bismarck Cancer Center and a myriad of specialists and private practices to not only meet our needs in Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln, but also for our neighbors around the region, so THANK YOU!

Take a few moments today to say a prayer and a thank you for all of our health care providers, but especially our nurses...Happy Nurse's Day!

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