We kind of march to the beat of our own drum in North Dakota, but when it comes to fashion and beauty, we try to stay on top of what's hot and in-style.

StyleSeat.com put together a list of the top "Unique Fashion Trends in Each State;" here's what you need to know:


Overall, across the country, the most popular beauty and fashion trends are very nostalgic and come from the 90's-2000's era. Center parts, high-waisted jeans (better never go away), tie dye, and colored mascara are IT.

Least Popular Fashions

While we might not all agree on what we love, most of us agree that these fashion trends can go back to hell, where they no doubt came from. The least popular fashion trends in the country are low rise jeans, micro hand bags, patchwork pants, and clogs.


North Dakota's Top Fashion Trend

Hang on to your bucket hats, the most popular unique fashion trend in North Dakota is.... Crocs.


Yes, we are all about our Crocs in North Dakota. I have never owned a pair of Crocs, and I never will. No hate to those who love them, I just can't do it; I know what happens when you buy them. It never stops at one pair. You keep buying them and suddenly you aren't just wearing them around the house, you're wearing them everywhere, with everything. I'm just not ready for that.

I would also like to point out that only one state in the country voted trucker hats as its favorite fashion trend -- Mississippi.  I really don't want this to spread. Leave them be; not everything needs to come back. Bleh. Those were dark times.



StyleSeat.com also put together a list of the top beauty trends in each state. Acrylic nails, 90's layers (hair) and dewy skin sweep the nation.

Least Popular Beauty Trends

The least popular beauty trends in the country include: bleached eyebrows (we're looking at you Kim K), fake dimples, and laminated eyebrows.

North Dakota's Favorite Beauty Trend

The number one beauty trend, according to this source is... Lip fillers. We love a plumpy pout.


There you have it! What do you think about North Dakota's style? Do you agree?


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