It's supposed to be #MusicMonday, courtesy of Justin Bieber, for the next nine weeks, as he has promised to release a new song for 10 straight weeks. Last week, he treated fans to 'Heartbreaker.' But Monday has come a day early for Beliebers, as this Monday's (Oct. 14) song 'All That Matters' leaked 12 hours ahead of schedule.

'All That Matters' is a smooth, slow and sincere, '90s-influenced R&B lament about love, which has been a hot topic for The Biebs in his music lately, especially since he and Selena Gomez split. It feels like he is opening his journal and turning personal entries into lyrical declarations. The song maintains its steady, deliberate pace from start to finish. There isn't much fluctuation in tone and speed, and as a result, it's a warm and comforting love song.

We do wish The Biebs' diction was a little clearer with the lyrics. You can't easily make out what he is saying.

Other than that, the song is all heart and emotion, with The Biebs crooning how the one he loves is all that matters to him.

Most people usually dread Mondays but The Biebs is making us look forward to 'em each and every week.

He also teased 'All That Matters' earlier in the week.

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'All That Matters'