Justin Bieber wants you to know he's growing up. Not only has he been smoking weed and flashing his ass on the internet, now he's going to second base with his tween fanbase, too.

A photo that recently popped up on the Biebs official fan site Bieber Fever shows him and a Belieber (who is, by the way, wearing a bow bigger than her own head) getting a little up-close and personal during a meet and greet in Miami.

While Justin goes in for a kiss and a boob grab, the unnamed fan looks at the camera and ... grimaces? Screams internally? Is too excited for words? Is currently wetting herself? It's hard to tell.

The backstory behind the photo is still a mystery -- some witnesses say the fan actually asked the Biebs to feel her up, while others say Justin went in for a hug and got it oh so wrong. And of course there are those who claim the snap is just a really good Photoshop job.

Assuming Bieber knows how to hug people without copping a feel and the fact that the photo appeared on his official fan page, we're going to have to go with what's behind Curtain No. 1: The smitten fan asked for his fingerprints on her rack and he willingly obliged.

Way to be, Justin. Nothing says "grown-up" like pictures that could've been taken at any frat party on a Saturday night.