Justin Bieber recently shared two shirtless shots on his Instagram, while his manager Scooter Braun promises that The Biebs’ new music will speak at the loudest volume.

In regards to the pics, it looks like Bieber is still working out quite a bit. The photo above looks to have be taken while he was performing, since he appears to be posed under a stage. In the photo below, he's surrounded by quite an entourage.

Note: We bet Selena Gomez can feel her heartbeat quicken when The Biebs resorts to posting these sort of pics on his feed.

Even so, there are two constants. He's got toned abs and he's collecting more tattoos than a prison inmate. Granted, his are professionally done, whereas jail ink is makeshift, created with ballpoint pens and other crude instruments, but Biebs sure is using that toned body as a canvas for art.

Meanwhile, Scooter Braun talks about The Biebs' upcoming music. His new single will be called 'Heartbreaker' but hard, fast details, like when and how it will be released, are scarce. Braun promises that the music will shut down the haters and hopefully help end the media scrutiny his client deals with.

"I'll just tell you that we're gonna release music in a very, very different way with him," he told MTV News about Bieber's new song and album, which is being described as a "music journal," since Braun said he writes one or two songs a day while on the road, labeling them according to the city in which he penned them.

The music will not be released in any sort of traditional format either. Braun only hints at the concept, revealing no concrete information on how they will share it.

Braun also said, "And people and fans should be very excited for the end of this year because he's just written so many songs on the road. And we decided there needs to be a way to release these songs in a different way than the normal album and be able to allow him to express himself in music while dealing with so many different bulls--- stories every single day."

Braun finished, "So we're hoping the witch hunt [is] gonna end when he really just speaks for himself in the music. And we're gonna do it in a way that's very, very unique, so when you see 'Heartbreaker,' know it's coming directly from him and don't think [of] the normal, 'Oh this is my single and this is going to be on the album' [rollout], realize there's gonna be a very unique way of how this music is going to be released unlike we've seen before from him."

As is always the case with Biebs, things will be interesting.