Now that we've reached November, it's time to prepare for colder temperatures.

The National Weather Service is saying a "classic winter" may hit the north Midwest this year. This would mean near to below normal temperatures and near or above normal precipitation for North Dakota. This would be a contrast from recent years. Last winter, temperatures in North Dakota were 6 to 8 degrees above normal, with snowfall being roughly half or less than normal in most spots.

November is off to a warm and dry start, but the NWS says that's expected to change when winter hits. Much of this could be due to recent weather patterns currently cooling the Pacific Ocean.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, our first sign of significant snowfall in mid to late November. Then lower temperatures than normal expected for December. It's expected this winter that we'll see more days when the temperature drops well below zero than what North Dakota has seen in recent years.

Whether or not this "classic winter" forecasted is accurate, one thing's for sure...Winter is coming.

Source: Inforum