According to Valley News Live, a Moorhead couple, Jason and Shelly Blotsky, are offering a $1,500 reward in order to find an alleged dog murderer. It is reported that the couple's seemingly healthy seven-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, Dax, was likely poisoned, and died just hours after consuming some unknown substance. Though there is no certainty as to what happened to sweet Dax, it is terrifying to know there are people out to harm animals.

When I saw this story, I immediately thought of Bromo from 96.5 The Fox. I tried to send this story his way because of his personal experience of coming home to a pet that was murdered. But he told me to tell his story.

When Bromo was 12, his beloved dog, Andy, went missing for a few days. His family was worried. They searched for Andy with no luck. But, one day, Bromo was at his kitchen sink when he looked out the window to see his dog in the yard by the fence. Bromo exclaimed, "Andy's home!" and rushed to greet his four-legged best friend.

When Bromo got to Andy, he touched the dog's lifeless body and realized something was terribly wrong... Andy was intentionally hung from the family's fence by his collar and leash. Just then, Bromo's dad came home and realized the horror his son just endured, seeing their pup, strung up and hanging out on display.

Bromo's dad offered reward money and they looked for the culprit who murdered Andy, but they never had any luck. And, to this day, that memory haunts Bromo.

No one wants to lose a pet to natural causes, let alone to at the hands of a sadistic human. Cruelty towards animals is just something I could never comprehend. Hopefully, the Blotsky's get answers and closure, but that trauma is going to leave a serious emotional scar. Rest in peace, Dax and Andy.

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