I don't usually do this, BUT I have to ask a question. I wrote an article before the Minnesota Vikings began their regular season play - NOW that they are 0-2, and have had once again another episode with a last-second missed winning field goal - Let me rephrase my original question - Would You Pay LESS Than A Dollar To See The Vikings Play?

The dog days of summer are approaching, although it sure has felt like we have been through it already. The weather has been in the high 90s almost every day for the past month or so, with that said, it's pretty hard to imagine professional football is underway - but it is!

 Vikings/Broncos preseason game  -  Saturday, August 14 at U.S. Bank Stadium

Well, what do you know? It's time to get pumped up and get our hopes up high for a possible trip to the Super Bowl. Tomorrow night preseason kicks off with the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers - Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. Does this get your blood pressure up or do you not care one bit? I'm going to guess the latter.

Most candy bars cost over $1.00

The lack of interest so far is apparent, especially regarding the Minnesota/Denver game. SO what would you do to try and generate more attention? How would you hype this game? With all the lousy publicity the Vikings have been getting lately with several of the players contacting COVID-19, the biggest concern the team's front office is dealing with is that they have the lowest vaccination rate in the National Football League, and with the new league protocols coming out, this is something to indeed be worried about. With all of the above information, you could be watching a Viking game in-person, for less than it costs to buy a candy bar.

Some tickets are as low as ONE DOLLAR

According to Valley news live Gametime, a site for last-minute tickets, shows tickets for some games are as low as $1. You can actually click here for seating and more ticket info.

So what will it be? A candy bar or a football game? How about BOTH??




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