A man living in a condo in Fargo, North Dakota was told he needs to remove his flag from outside his house, because the flag is too noisy in the wind?  Can you imagine?  I know the wind blows 9 out of 10 days here in North Dakota, but it sure sounds petty to me.

The man's name is Andrew Almer, and Andrew has flown his flag proudly from the balcony of his condo for the last two years.  According to an article on Valley News Live,  Almer recently received a letter from his condo association, (Plum Tree Square Condo Association) asking him to remove the flag.

I right away thought to myself, what would I do in that situation?  Before you start wondering, there is "The Federal Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005", that says no homeowner association can restrict owners from displaying the American flag on their property.  However, with just about everything in life, there are exceptions to the rule.  According to the article, associations can restrict owners from flying the flag if it’s reasonable or in the best interest of the association.  Huh?  So you can't do that, but you can?  So, the issue is certainly not black or white.

Mr. Almer, doesn't plan to take his flag down, and he could be facing a hefty penalty for not doing so.  Mr. Almer went on to say, “It’s not coming down anytime soon, It’s not making that much noise, that it’s a liability to the association.”


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