In a recent survey, it turns out people in North Dakota aren't very courteous when it comes to their driving.

Kars4Kids recently conducted a survey to find what states had the 'most courteous drivers.' North Dakota finished 37th among all 50 states for courteous driving. Grades were given to each state as North Dakota received an overall C-.

The results of the survey were based on ten situational driving questions given to each participant which would determine instances that would also receive an individual grade. Such instances used in the survey were aggressive responses to slow driving (B-), letting other drivers merge in heavy traffic (F), responses to being tailgated (B-), use of turn signals (B), stealing another's parking spot (B-), and speeding to stop someone from passing you (A+). Apparently, lots of weight was placed on the 'letting other drivers merge in heavy traffic situations.

Idaho finished first with an overall A+, while New Mexico also scored an A+, but finished in a close second. Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii all followed respectively after, all finishing with A grades.

The bottom three were Arkansas, South Carolina, and New York all failing with Fs. New York finished 50th.

Stay safe and be nice out there on the roads, North Dakotans!

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