According to Car Insurance Comparison, North Dakota does not rank well for the nation's "Worst Drivers," which is mainly due to the drunk driving factor, where the state is labeled as being the worst.

The factors used to determine the low ranking were fatality rate, failure to obey traffic laws, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving. The best ranking for the state was in the careless driving category, where North Dakota ranks 20th. However, being ranked last for drunk driving gave the overall rank a severe blow.

Although Car Insurance Comparison listed North Dakota as having 66 deaths caused by drunk driving, the North Dakota Highway Patrol says 54 alcohol-related deaths took place, which is a number that has declined since 2012, when that number was 87.

Only Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina came in worse standing in the worst driver rankings. This according to the aforementioned website.

However, back in August, SmartAsset made a list that was in Time Magazine, that listed North Dakota as the 5th state for "Best Drivers."

So determine it how you will. Use whatever factors you see fit. Just make sure you party responsibly this weekend, everyone! Be careful, stay safe out there and have an amazing Thanksgiving!