Have you ever heard of a cocktail called the "North Dakota Special"?

In all nine of my legal alcohol consumption years, I never had a clue that North Dakota has its own special cocktail. I was today years old when I found out. How have I lived here nearly my entire life and never knew? Have you ever heard of a little cocktail called a "North Dakota Special"?

The "North Dakota Special" is one strong cocktail.

I read a story about the Minnesota drink called the "Bootleg Cocktail" and it made me wonder if North Dakota had its own special mixed drink. So, I Googled it and found a few websites with a recipe for a drink that could knock even the most learned drinkers out. Unlike the refreshing "Bootleg Cocktail" out for Minnesota, The "North Dakota Special" is not for the faint of heart. It is made with A LOT of whiskey.

According to Crystal Mixer, here are the ingredients in a "North Dakota Special" are:

  • Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey
  • Black Velvet Canadian Whisky
  • Canadian Whisky
  • Southern Comfort Peach Liqueur
  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
  • Coca-Cola

What is your favorite kind of adult beverage?

I have to admit, I would not even be able to stand the smell of a drink that strong. My insides were burning as I was typing out the recipe bullet points. I personally am someone who needs a seltzer or something sweet. A person can't go wrong with a simple double vodka cranberry or a strawberry-kiwi Long Island.

What cocktails do you like to drink?

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