North Dakota farmer goes viral for animal rescue video on TikTok!

On May 29, a Willow City, North Dakota farmer was driving down the road when he spotted two fawns in the ditch, near the blacktop. The farmer, who documents his North Dakota life on TikTok, decided to record the hours-old fawns as he helped them cross the road to catch up with their mother. As videos on TikTok do, Robert Albright's recorded rescue mission went viral!

Robert went to bed with 200 TikTok followers and woke up with around 12,000 followers.

Robert, who joined TikTok last fall, told Valley News Live“I went to bed with 200 followers or something and woke up with 1,900 and thought, ‘What in the world?’ And then now I’m at 12,000 or something and three million likes.” Since that story was posted 17 hours ago, Robert now has 133,300 followers and 3.5 million likes! But when he started his page, Robert did not expect to get "TikTok famous."

Robert's video rescue has racked up over 16 million views.

According to Valley News Live, Robert created his TikTok account to show people "what it's like to farm in north-central North Dakota." And it does not get any more "North Dakota" than finding baby deer near your farm. There is a series of videos featuring the fawns, but the video of Robert helping them cross the road is the one with the most views - an astounding 16.3 million views (and counting).

The North Dakota Game & Fish instructs the public to leave baby animals alone unless they are "in an unnatural situation."

Now, you may have heard that it is best to leave baby animals alone because they most likely have not been abandoned. The North Dakota Game & Fish's website states that the only time a person should touch a wild animal baby is if it is "in an unnatural situation." So, it is best to not just pick up fawns and other babies just because you found them.

Have you ever rescued a wild animal?

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