Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at what the people of North Dakota are Googling the most using a keyword tool. Specifically, I wanted to know what "How To's" people were searching.

We all do it. We google "How to.." pretty much everything we don't know how to do in life. We could ask other human beings, but who wants to admit they don't know how to do something? #Proud

Let Me Tell You

The results didn't disappoint.

Here are 6 of the most popular and most surprising "How To's" people of North Dakota are searching:

North Dakota's Most Search 'How To's'

Here are a few surprising things North Dakotans are searching for.

There you have it!

Other States

I took a little peekaboo at what some other states are searching, and some are truly odd.

One of California's top searches is "How to stop diarrhea," while areas of Montana are searching "How to restart your phone."

Areas of Florida searched "How to be single" and "How to get rid of a sunburn."


For Funzies I looked at a few countries too; Australians are searching "How to stop coughing" and "How to make pancakes," while England has several similar to us, excluding "How to measure your bra size."


Look, we're all human. We can't possibly know everything, so we search. I'm honestly not sure where we'd be without search engines. We rely on them so much in our day-to-day lives. I think we'd be lost without them -- or at least I would.


I hope you found this at least somewhat entertaining. Let's do this again sometime. Until then.


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