For some reason, there are sexual predators who think that their deviant behavior online will not come back to haunt them. "Hiding" behind a keyboard does not mean messages, search histories, and other online activity can't be uncovered. Some sexual criminals even make the choice to illegally converse with underage people online, thinking they will not get caught.

According to Minot Daily News, the Minot Police Department and Burke County teamed up to uncover online predators. In a recent sting called "Operation Ice House," five adult, North Dakotan men were arrested for alleged sexual conversations and/ or plans to meet with teenagers. Sixty-five-year-old Randy Kramer, 25-year-old Justin Helseth, 23-year-old Jordan Kostek, 38-year-old Roy Moody, and 22-year-old Antonio Malnourie have all been charged for sexual crimes against minors. Get the full story from Minot Daily News here.

The amount of these types of crimes happening in North Dakota is overwhelming. Seriously, I can't possibly keep up with every sex crime story in this state. It is great to know that there are people who are actively working to get sex criminals off the streets (and off the web). In fact, there is even an upcoming virtual seminar on "Social Media and Exploitation."

31:8 Project is a North Dakota organization where people are fighting and educating about human trafficking. On Thursday (March 4), the organization is holding a virtual meeting that will teach people about the dangers of the internet and the potential to become a victim. Get the details about the "Social Media and Exploitation" virtual seminar here.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find sex criminals. So, it is important to be educated about the potential danger of strangers.

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