Winning the lottery would be life-changing in unimaginable ways. The Powerball jackpot is climbing again. Now, I am not one to usually buy lottery tickets. But it's pretty tempting when the jackpot gets so humongous. I mean, if one person wins, they will have a net worth bigger than Kim Kardashian's. The Powerball jackpot is now up to $373 million.

Last night's numbers were 11 33 44 59 67 08. The last grand prize winning ticket was sold in California on November 2, 2019. That jackpot was $150 million. It's been over two months since the last winner. With two drawings every week, and people playing in 44 states, someone is bound to win soon.

Now, if I won this, I think I would take the lump sum, which is $253.7 million. Even though that still an insane amount of money, that's about $120 million taken off from the get-go. Heck, I wouldn't even mind retiring with that amount. The next drawing will be this Saturday evening, January 25, 2020.


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