It's a growing habit the smartphone is everyone's new BFF- when you are out in public, at a game, at the movies, out on a date, on the toilet the smartphone is going everywhere. So much so that it's creating a human dependency on constant connection. Today I talked to Tim Ed founder of Mood Off Day which is a day dedicated to going with no technology for at least five hours. How do you know if you are a smartphone addict ?

1)You text, check emails, update Facebook while driving.

2) You are out to eat with friends, family, significant other and must check your text, missed calls and Facebook.

3)In your office meeting you pay more attention to what is happening on your phone than the meeting.

4)You are at a concert, vacation or outdoors event and you are on your phone the entire time instead of enjoying your social outing.

The quick solution is to stop- 5 minutes, one hour, half a day, a day. Get present, allow your mind to be focused on the road, the person in front of you or your business deal at hand. Engage another person face to face, don't run from real life social contact, find out how your family is doing, how is your significant other doing.

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