The World Population Review has released its latest numbers for the population of North Dakota for 2023.

No big surprise, rural North Dakota continues to dwindle down as our bigger cities continue to grow.

Our very own Lincoln, North Dakota moved up to the #15th biggest city in all of North Dakota bypassing Grafton.  Lincoln had a population of 4,812 people at the start of 2023 and grew by 4% last year which is the 3rd biggest jump in the top 20 cities in North Dakota (only behind Watford City and Williston).

How long until Lincoln gets its own middle and high school?  I bet they will in the next 10 years but first, the city needs more infrastructure.  Lincoln has to be the biggest city in North Dakota that half the people have never heard of.  I know when I tell my friends back east that I live south of Lincoln, they always say, "Where?"

Lincoln needs more businesses to set up shop before it can take that next step to really becoming a city.  Places like a real grocery store, a car wash, etc.

Fargo remains the most populated city in North Dakota. 

It is followed by Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, West Fargo, Williston, Dickinson, Mandan, Jamestown, and Wahpeton round out the top 10.

The oil patch continues to grow as Watford City finished just outside the top 10 at number 11.  Towns like Stanley, Tioga, and New Town also saw big increases in population in 2022.

So, without further ado, these are the smallest cities in North Dakota.

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