From time to time, we like talking about what foods in North Dakota are the best or what restaurants we need. Almost the opposite of those topics will be discussed here.

We always love to talk about our favorite foods, or what we need more of in North Dakota. But instead, the publication, Topix, has found the 'Grossest Food in North Dakota.' According to Topix, Lutefisk is the grossest food in the state.

Topix says about Lutefisk:

Look, if you soak a fish in lye for a week, you shouldn't eat it. That's just a general hard-and-fast rule in life that apparently no one ever communicated to North Dakotans...

Its consistency is basically jelly, only it's fish. Those are not two words that belong in the same state at the same time, let alone the same culinary description. Go home, North Dakota, you are unwell.

The traditional dish in Norway and Sweden is typically found at some places (grocery stores and/or restaurants) in the northern Midwest states of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

I have personally never had Lutefisk, but from the look of it, I don't think I ever want to, but that's just me. For all other states in the country, the grossest foods for each state can be found here.

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