University of North Dakota officials are investigating several students after two separate photos depicting racism were posted on social media this past week.

In a statement from UND's president, Mark R. Kennedy, he said he was "appalled" by the photos. The school is looking for ways to insert diversity education in their studies after viewing the students' behavior.

The photos, which were within a two-day span of one another, depicted blatant acts of racism. The first was a Snapchat photo with three white UND females, who had reportedly stole the phone of an African American student, while locking her out of her dorm room with a caption reading, "Locked the black b**** out." The second photo shows four white femals wearing blackface, and a caption that reads "Black Lives Matter." The image was posted on Facebook.

As a result, all students are facing reprimand for their actions. As a result, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities are looking into the matter as the university president and officials hope to tackle the issues regarding diversity education throughout the entire university community.

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