There is a new workout experience coming to Bismarck-Mandan!

KFYR-TV is reporting that the Bismarck-Mandan community will soon have a new 24-hour workout option. Right now, construction is underway on HOTWORX. HOTWORX is a virtual workout experience from an Infrared room! Because North Dakota is a pretty cold place, HOTWORX co-owner, Sierra Rohr, told KFYR-TV will be amazing for the people of Bismarck to have. Get more details about HOTWORX from KFYR-TV here.

What a great concept - make it feel like Summer in the middle of Winter. I know the "Winter Blues" can get to many of us during the coldest times of the year. And it is very hard to work up the motivation to workout when it is always dark and blustery.

HOTWORX will be one of the many unique workout options offered in Bismarck-Mandan! Check out my list of cool workout options in our city!

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