Cat Mee Moowe, whose family was packing up for a move from Suffolk, Virginia all the way to Hawaii, decided to help out by packing herself away in a box -- then proceeded to live there without food or water for an astounding thirty-six days.

As movers boxed everything up for the epic move in September, Mee Moowe's owner Ashley Barth says the cat disappeared. The family assumed she had simply run off, when in fact she had sneaked her way in to one of their boxes.

It took well over a month for the family's belongings to make the journey, during which time, Mee Moowe had no access to food or water.

After hearing a faint meow issue from the box as their things were moved in to their new home, Barth says she found her missing pet, who had lost half her body weight and was hardly able to stand and walk.

Mee Moowe was immediately examined and treated for starvation. Vets say it is unlikely, but clearly not impossible, for a cat to survive that long without nourishment.