Back in July, Devin Engstrom posted about his experience at a place called TNT Dog Kennels in Milnor, North Dakota. His Siberian Husky, Echo, stayed at the kennel and was near-death by the day she was picked up. According to Devin, Echo's "mouth was matted shut, she has sores all over her legs and she's been locked in a small crate." He rushed Echo to the emergency vet where she lost her life.

Valley News Live updated the public that, after an investigation of the kennel, there will be no charges filed in Echo's death because "the evidence does not support any criminal charges." At the time of the post, Valley News Live was unsuccessful at getting in contact with the kennel or Echo's owner. Who knows if the public will get any more answers on the subject?

While we do not have a lot of information the fact that there is not enough evidence for criminal charges is mindboggling to me. A perfectly healthy dog does not experience things like a mouth matted shut or leg sores for no reason. Something happened to her and nothing was done about it until the owner got her back. A caregiver should see these things. And failure to do anything to save the animal is straight-up abuse and neglect.

This type of thing is one of the many reasons I do not take my dog to kennels. I am sure many pet owners fear for the safety of their pets when they are in the care of others. Just like little kids, animals can't express what is wrong with them, and we need to be there for them. I do not know what I would do if my dog was abused and neglected, but the world would hear about it.

Echo has a memorial fund set up through GoFundMe.

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