If you're like me, you always feel like you could use a little more sleep. Especially now with it being dark in the mornings. It takes a lot of effort and 4 alarms to get me out of bed.

Lack of sleep can make or break your mood, effect work performance, change your appearance, and do a number of other things to the body.


Have you ever wondered how North Dakota ranks on sleep deprivation? A study was done by Leafwell, and it looked at sleep duration in each state and also analyzed the frequency of negative sleep terms (insomnia, lack of sleep, I can't sleep) in search engines.

The Most Tired State

Despite the beautiful scenery Hawaii has the hardest time getting a good night's sleep. According to the source, the state has a 9.87 sleep score out of 100.

Hawaii is followed by Georgia (19.68), then Nevada (23.24). While it's surprising to hear Hawaii and Georgia are struggling with sleep, I'm not quite as surprised with Nevada's ranking. The nightlife in Vegas surely has something to do with it.

The State Getting The Best Rest

I don't know what South Dakotans are doing, but they're obviously doing something right. The source found the state to be the most well-rested overall.

North Dakota

Where does North Dakota rank? According to the source, North Dakota is doing pretty well in the sleep department. Our state was named the 6th most well-rested state in the country. Our sleep score is 78.13!

Yay for us!

As always, thanks for reading.

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