Well here we are, March 15th,  with the weather in the 30s, and in one swoop I could instantly feel the summer "just around the corner"

Here is what happened, a co-worker sent me this info and I suddenly felt like a kid real quick - when was the last time you climbed into a go-kart? The feeling of handling something much faster than your bicycle was a real kick, and it's something I would love to experience again! So after I tell you this bit of exciting news you will be chomping at the bit to get to Dakotah Centennial Park this summer.

Mandan Parks and Recreation, with help from Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association, a go-kart, and RC track will be added

This is part of what the Mandan Parks and Recreation Facebook page posted yesterday "... The BMSCA is responsible for facilitating the construction of these two new features at DCP. The RC track is to be placed on Mandan Parks and Recreation property located on the east side of DCP in the former community garden’s location. The existing RC Track is currently located at Nicholas Park, 1216th 14th St. SE. The go-kart track would be located adjacent to the RC Track and existing DCP race track" So how about that??

When shall we all look forward to racing each other around the track?

More snow is possible, maybe next week - but we all know SOON it will be all over  - however check this out - "The project will be completed in phases and the estimated completion date is summer of 2023" - Best news EVER!

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