Many of us do everything we can to support local businesses; sadly, despite our best efforts, some things don't work out.

A post was made to the Bismarck's People Reporting News Facebook page; it came as a sad shock to many.

Closing The Storefront

Bismarck's BB's Bath Bakery, located at 324 E Broadway Ave in downtown Bismarck, is closing its doors.

The store surely caught your eye a time or two, as it has very bright and unique decor.

BB's Bath Bakery is a place you go for all things bath and body --bath bombs, mini soaps, loofahs, soaps, lotions, and candles.


The owner posted a video to the business's Facebook page, explaining the challenges they've faced over the past couple of years.

With that, it was explained that the storefront would be closing by the end of this month (December 2023).

In another Facebook post, the owner said everything must go. They are getting rid of displays, shelves, and other items from the store on a first-come, first-served basis.


Looking through the comments on the Facebook posts, you see the true spirit of BisMan. Many people are posting words of encouragement to the owners during the difficult time.

"I absolutely love this store."


"So sad! My little nephew and I will miss your store so much!!!"


"Big hugs <3"

On a brighter note, it seems the business isn't completely going away. BB's Bath Bakery has an online shop where you can purchase all things bath and body, while supporting local.

We wish the owners good luck on their future endeavors.

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